Thorhild, Alberta
Community Security Networks

              in collaboration with:
                   Rural Crime Watch
                   Citizens On Patrol
                   RCMP / GRC
                   County Peace Officers

    The community  now boasts a network of more than 100 cameras and 24/7 volunteer surveilance services
to protect and prosecute  Public and Private property loss or damage.     The goal is to add community
by community into the secured network of private and business owned surveilance equipment.  The network
provides the local law enforcement the free access to contextual evidence to  prosecute infractions of the law,
reduce mischief, vandalism and reckless driving on our streets and roadways.   Always the Hidden Camera
provide the best incrimating data.   Motion detection concetrates the footage to be viewed.  Facial recognition
technology corrolates with the Police  ALERTS for wanted or dangerous persons.  Technology is our style!
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